Who We Are & How We Can Help You

Certified Osteopath D.O., Medical Acupuncturist (Oxford, UK) Certified Kinesiologist (London, UK), Mindset Mentor & Alchemy Success Coach, Felicity has founded the Realignment Academy.

Felicity started her journey as a student and eventually became a proficient Osteopath with over 15 years experience, building on her knowledge and becoming an expert in the Ancient Teachings in the art of manifesting and mentoring.

Felicity’s knowledge of the Law of Attraction and manifestation goes back to the days of how the Ancient Egyptians manifested incredible feats of wonder and unbelievable miracles. Felicity breaks down this ancient knowledge, along with the latest in cutting edge science, to accompany clients achieve amazing breakthroughs in manifesting lifetime goals and dreams.

She has witnessed increased physical health and alignment, financial abundance, love, healing, and business return to those who had almost given up.

Few, if any, modern coaches have the depth of training Felicity has in Manual Medicine, the Ancient Mystery Systems & Modern Day Mind Sciences including:

  • Osteopathy – Structural Realignment
  • Certified Miracle Mentor & Alchemy Success Coach
    Accredited by & in partnership with Robert Zink
  • Kinesiology
  • TCM Acupuncture & Medical Acupuncture
  • Miracle Mindset Mentoring & Alchemy Life Coaching internationally
  • Founder of Realignment Academy
  • Founder of the Realignment Activation System in the art of manifesting one’s lifetime goals.

One size does not fit all

Felicity shares tools that are customized to the individual client and specializes in the fundamental tools and principles that truly get streamlined results.

Her principles take the confusion out of manifesting, focusing on the principles of physical alignment, subconscious programming, energy work, quantum physics, and mindset work principles that shift the client into receiving from a place of serenity.



Steiner Success Solutions

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At your fingertips, a program you can follow at your own pace, that you’ll have access to for life. Get ready to manifest abundance and learn step by step methods to master your life and your mindset.


Private Coaching

Work with Felicity, one on one, and take your life to the next level, with private coaching, to achieve lifetime goals.

Private coaching
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